Front End


InstantOrder is broken down into two user interfaces. The “front end" and the “back end”. The front end is what the customers use to place orders through InstantOrder. The back end is an easy to use administration panel that managers and owners use to make changes to the front end. Useful analytics and sales breakdowns are also collected and viewable in the back end.

Front End
Back End


The front end of the system is easily customizable and is designed to be both beautiful and highly functional, for desktop and mobile users.


The front end online menu is organized in accordion style catalogs that clearly layout the different categories of your menu. These catalogs are extremely useful for businesses that offer items depending on the time of day. For example, a breakfast menu that ends at 11:00 AM will automatically be hidden on your menu, so that people can no longer order on it. Daily specials can also be easily implemented.

Check it Out!

Below is an example of how your restaurant's online menu could look!


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